Cook Jacobs Debbie

Debbie Cook-Jacobs
Akwesasne, NY 136 55

Debbie Cook-Jacobs has a deep appreciation for a well-made basket. Her passion is making and collecting uniquely designed baskets. She takes great joy in rescuing baskets from sales and markets to hang them “home.”
Debbie has been making utility and fancy baskets for the last twenty years and knows the entire process “from tree to basket.” To her, a basket represents the past, present and future and keeps her connected to the earth by finding, preparing and using natural materials. She credits Salli Benedict and the Akwesasne Museum, where she was taught by local basketmakers, for instilling an appreciation of basketmaking.
Debbie has received many gauges and basket forms as gifts. She hopes to one day teach her grandchildren the art of basket weaving. Her most prized basket is an urn she weaved for her father, Donald Cook.