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Corey Jay Jocko (J.O.C. – music logo) a struggling new local artist, is a brave Akwesasne young man of just twenty-two. He is pursuing his dream in spite of odds against him, into the competitive world of music as a budding artist - breaking out to become a native Hip-Hop/Rap singer and aspiring song writer. Corey Jay is intrinsically motivated to change and believes he could be a positive role- model to the young people. His passion is expressed when he talks to you.
Grief is also no stranger to Corey Hay. Dealing with his mother’s illness to cancer (who is in remission) at a tender age of fifteen and tragically loosing four cousins within two years. He refers to them as Bro’s (since he is an only child). With all the horrendous grief Corey turned to music, Hip-Hop/Rap to soothe his soul. After all he always listened to Hip-Hop but never thought he would be writing/singing himself today.
Jocko has stated “When I get serious with music. Music sets serious with me” Then added, “My stress reliever is my music, it’s my life and music is my therapy” If you look at Corey Jay, he appears pensive. His pain is still eminent on his face. Then challenged of disappointment that he experiences doesn’t’ allow him to give up either. That’s one of his strong messages to the young people. “Never give up” He was scheduled to speak at Akwesasne Mohawk School on December 11th to a young crow of 4th, 5th and 6th graders. The principal, who set this up, suddenly had to leave here, because her mother was seriously hill. This engagement was cancelled. Another showing, a Christmas Concert for December 13th on a Saturday at the A’nowara’ko:wa Arena fell through also due to a hockey game. That would be schedule at much later date.

But another opportunity arose on December 12th at 6 o’clock at the Akwesasne Adolescent Groupe Home-longwanonhsaseti-Cornwall Island for one hour to do his presentation. Corey Jay was apprehensive at the beginning. Once he got into his groove he relaxed for the remaining of his talk. That went well, thanks to Gerald Ramson fro allowing him to speak to the young, but Ramson wasn’t present for the evening. Julie Gambill Case Survivor was available and encouraged Corey to perform his song, after the speech, which he did gladly. This will be added to his portfolio.
Here are some samples of his collection so far. On April 16, 2008-Standard_freeholder interview Corey Jay along with a picture on the Front Page. Also a National Press on CTV Adding that he had been nominated in four categories at the 1st annual native Emusic wards- received his tickets and was unable to attend this important event because of another engagement – with regrets- saved these tickets into his portfolio anyways. Corey is working on an album- CD - with all his songs on it. Hopefully to be finished by summer of 2009.
On December 3rd, 2008, Jocko joined Toastmasters International – Smart City in Cornwall, to improve his pubic speaking. Most members wait at least six months before attempting their first presentation. Not Corey, he was determined to do his speech on the same night he became a member and actually did very well.
Corey Hay Jocko is hosting a show with friends Davey and Guyanne Bédard-Javey Entertainment at the Boys & Girl Club and says “Stay Strong.

Phone: (613) 551-9098