Patricia Acker has seen first hand that not every dog has its day.

The self appointed animal rescuer recently saved the life of Cricket, a neglected cocker spaniel which is in urgent needs of medical attention and surgery which she cannot afford.

I couldn't believe someone who could let this happens," said Acker. I am desperately looking for a loving home or any support for Cricket." A phone call about a dog on the brink of death and in need of a saviour let Acker straight to Cricket.

Once she arrived to rescue the animal the severity of the situation was painfully clear.
Criket stood shaking covered in blood, full of open sores and fleas.
With the aid of Marie, Morrell, executive director of the Foundation of the Parade of nations, Acker transported Cricket to the Maxville Veterinary Clinic.

After a close examination of Cricket, Dr. Ingrid Bill determined the neglected animal's life was still worth saving.

A cancerous mammary and eye were surgically removed from Cricket.
The lingering costs of the surgery ($1000.00 has left Acker financially unstable and barely able to provide for other rescued animals.

Since Dr. Bill does work with the Farley Foundation a registered charity, it offered some financial id relief.
Established by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) in 2001, the Farley Foundation assists seniors and disabled persons on limited incomes with the necessary treatment of their pets.

Morrell said a minimum of 90% of animal in similar situation, if given to Ontario SPCA, by law would have to be put down because of their state of health and exorbitant medical cost.
“Acker gives them a second chance because of her genuine love and patience for animals, that are often disfigured like Cricket, and brings them back to health and finds them a good loving home," said Morrell.
To help Cricket you can make a donation cheque or money order stating on the memo animal rescue to ensure the funds go to this specific endeavour) through the Foundation of the Parade of nations, 1621 Joyce street Cornwall on K6J 1Y8 or by calling (613-936-6873) in the evening, if you would like additional Information

Any help is appreciated whether it is a monetary donation, food treats, training pads, a home full of love and patience for these rescued animals.

Acker is looking for an affordable home for herself and the dog within bus route facilities where the dogs can run.


1st bill - 25 January 2010

Item Price
Office call and examination $25.00
1 Blood sample collection $13.50
1 CBC with profile $12.00
1 Comprehensive profile $51.38
1 Technical Prep/Interp blood work $12.00
Urinalysis (Dipstics; s.g: sediment) $27.50
Anesthetic induction (incl exam, premed, Iv catheter, induction, intubation) $85.00
60 Anesthetic - isoflurane per minute $120.00
3 Anesthetic monitoring/20 min $36.00
Injection Fee $15.00
Eye enucleation $110.00
Lumpectomy 1 $33.00
Lumpectomy 2 $33.00
Canine Ovaariohysterectomy (spay) <10 kg & > 7 months $224.00
50% discount to above billing item $112.00
Ear flush $12.00
1 Day hospitalization, nursing care and board $28.00
30 Previcox 57 mg $53.30
1mL Convenia 10-20 Kg $28.90
Histology 1-4 tissue samples $99.20
1 Courier Fee $12.00
Sub-total $949.78
GST $47.49
PST $0.96
Total $998.23

Pet Value Better Pet Nutrition, 26 February

Item Price
Leash $22.99
Harness $23.99
Less 10% -$4.70
Total $47.77
Item Price
Cornwall Dog licences, 26 February $20.00
13 March additional Dewormin $46.00
Grooming to remove hair around sores 15 March $40.00
Care for ears will be a regular activity -

Surgery of April 15th

Item Price
Anesthetic induction (incl exam, premed, IV catherer, induction,intibation) $85.00
40 Anesthetic -isoflurane per minute $80.00
2 Anesthetic monitoring/20 min $24.00
1 day hospitalization. nursing care and board $28.00
Injection Fee $10.00
Lumpectomy medium $66.00
Canibe prophylaxis (clan and polish) 20-540 pounds $70.00
1mL Convenia 10-20 kg $28.90
5 Previcox 57 mg $16.55
GST $20.42
PST $20.42
Credit from previous balance ($ 3.95)
Total $424.92


Gift in-kinds
New crate, water dispenser, two coats, 2 blankets, dog treats, 1 leash, food, Canine Ovaariohysterectomy surgery from Dr Bill (1/2 price) , 2 - 13 Kg Horizon dog food, 3 Tim bits, one large bag of Iams food.

Cash Donations
Totalling $1175


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  12. Nancy Desrosiers
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