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The name Akcounties derives from AK - Akwesasne, Co - Cornwall, Unties - United Counties of SD&G)


Parade of Nations' first book of a digest about our multicultural diversity and the art culture legacy of our surrounding areas.

All proceeds from the sale of the book going toward activities/apparatus, special wish for people with special needs, artistically inclined, of all ages and background of Akwesasne, Cornwall and SD&G.

Donations Levels Towards the Printing of the First Book

Eligible for an income tax receipt. Levels based on the 5 smallest countries in the world.

Level City Size
$10 Vatican City 0.44 km²
$25 Monaco 2 km²
$50 Nauru 21 km²
$75 Tuvalu 26 km²
$100 San Marino 61 km²

Main Sponsor and their story on 1 page - $500.

Business Advertising

Size Price
Business Card size - 10 per pages $25.00
1/4 of a page $50.00
1/2 page $100.00
Full page (8 1/2" x 11") $200.00

For Additional Information

Visit, send an email to, or call Marie Morrell Volunteer Executive Director 613-936-6873.

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