Our organization aims to promote awareness, acceptance and inclusion of individuals afflicted with developmental disabilities and those with special needs of all ages and backgrounds living in Akwesasne, Cornwall and Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (SD & G). The organization's sole purpose of helping these individuals achieve their full potential, to feel safe, understood, accepted and appreciated.

The purpose of the activities is to provide individuals afflicted with developmental disabilities and those with special needs to help with the implementation of activities related to recreation, education and social integration which will result in their minds and stimulate their interests to provide greater independence and a sense of dignity, and fell they can contribute to the community.

Overall, the objectives of the organization are:

  • Provide people with disabilities with a facility with athletic, recreational and educational activities;
  • Provide athletic programs, recreational and educational to maintain good physical, mental and emotional disability;
  • Provide counseling on how to master life skills and other support services to enable people with disabilities to become more independent in the community;
  • Provide training and support for people with disabilities to help them obtain gainful employment;
  • Provide financial assistance to young people with physical or mental disabilities to enable them to participate in camps with programs tailored to their needs.


To accomplish the objectives listed above, our organization will:

Create a place of belonging and mutual aid

Parade of Nations wants to create a safe living environment to accommodate local people referred to as target audience, allowing them to participate in various activities toward better social integration. These activities will be offered by key stakeholders who, throughout activities, accompany these persons in their social integration.

These activities include:

  • Individual meetings to assess the person's needs in terms of health services, social services and counseling and social integration. Our partners will be regional health and social centers and community organizations.
  • Groups' workshops allowing participants to fully express themselves on topics chosen by the participants. The workshops will be led by a manager who will ensure the smooth running of meetings and the opportunity for everyone to express themselves.
  • Provide various didactic teaching courses, such as:
    • Learn to count;
    • Learn to handle money
    • The basic rules of decorum;
    • Interaction with others;
    • Etc.
  • Perform during various cultural events, sports and recreation activities, so that the target audience can mingle with the outside world. The outputs allow participants to practice the lessons taught in courses previously listed.
  • Some examples of outputs:
    • Museum;
    • Restaurant;
    • Camping and excursions;
    • Sports (curling, ball, bowling, etc.).
    • Shows;
    • Etc.

Ensure professional and social integration

Parade of nations will create structured worktops to allow our target audience to obtain job training and learn different trades for a vocational and social rehabilitation, all according to their interests and ability.

We will also offer workshops on writing a resume, as well as the presence and presentation job interview.

We will conduct searches on workforce needs, identify individual skills, aspirations and needs of the target audience.

We will establish agreements with training schools, employers and organizations to obtain services and help in the rehabilitation of participants. In addition, the organization will create direct links with the local employment center in the region.