Dear citizen of our area

On January 30th, Parade of nations received a letter from the City informing the Budget Steering Committee only agreed to grant them services-in-kind but no cash grant for their cultural event. As a result, Parade of nations has to raise $3000.00 for the liability insurance due in May 2012.

The Parade of nation is a volunteer driven organization; no one gets paid a salary.

The cultural festival is planned for September 15th and 16th, 2012, in Lamoureux Park, Water Street, Cornwall.

Festival Purpose

  • A fundraiser for the developmentally challenged to improve their individual capabilities of expression, through any type of art as therapy and leisure activities.
  • A celebration of our ancestral origin, through a people historical parade and cultural entertainment.
  • A  promotion of our LOCAL artists, artisans, performers, writers, businesses, organizations and groups of all kinds, through a gigantic trade show.
  • An opportunity to introduce kite flying as a sport, in Cornwall, and attract adepts from out of town.
  • An opportunity to congratulate people for their personal accomplishments no matter the size.

How you can help

Parade of Nations is looking for 600 people to donate $5.00 each or more.

To thank these people, each person who donates will have their on the Parade of Nations' website at, under the caption Festival Fundraiser, Make it happened project and in the 2012 Festival Program.


  • Go to www.paradeofnations, - Navigation - Donate electronically.
  • Send a cheque/ money order to Parade of Nations, 1621 Joyce Street, Cornwall, On. K6J 1Y8.
  • Send an e-mail to to have the money pick up, or call Marie Morrell 613-936-6873.
  • Donate to the person showing an ID card from the Parade of nations and a donation sheet
  • Ensure to print your name for easier reading.

Thank you, we love you all.

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